Blogging Archaeology #1: why blogging?

It’s my first time with a Blogging Carnival and, if I have to be sincere, I have never heard about it before reading this post of Doug’s Archaeology. Doug launched a blogging carnival leading up to the Blogging in Archaeology session at the Society for American Archaeology 2014 meetings in Austin. I immediately said to myself “Great! I have a blog, I want to take part in it” and after the end of the last exams, I’m finally writing my post. In this one you find the November questions (yes, I’m a bit late).


Why blogging?

“Why blogging” is the obvious first question of this blogging carnival.

I began to understand why I’m blogging and what is blogging for me only after some months. A way to write critically, an opportunity to explore new genres of writing, a voice to talk about my own research, just a possibility to interact with other blogger about archaeology. I think these are common answers for all the archaeologists who have a blog, so I don’t want to stay over them.

For me blogging it means also another couple of thing and I think it’s worthwhile to focus on these ones. The first concept is Narrative->Story->Video. My main topic of research is the communication of archaeology via video-narration; this blog provides me the opportunity of developing my skills in writing a sort of scripts as dialogue (i.e. this one in Italian) and, at the same time, explore through them some hot topics of the week (for the next weekend I’m going to publish a dialogue about the last government act “Valore Cultura”). All these dialogues don’t need to be filmed, they can remain a sort of practice, but writing them on my blog gives me the possibility of receiving some comments and suggestion.

docudrama in vignale

On the other hand blogging for me is research and updating. When I write a post and I show a specific genre of video used in archaeology, I need to look for it in my playlists or, most of the times, I search the Internet for new ones. After that, usually, I write a description of the footage. Before doing it, I need to look for some information about the archaeological site in which the video was recorded and about the production, the director and so on. Last but not least, I have to think about the good and the bad features of the video, what it’s helpful to remember and what I’ve just seen in many other footages.

Why are you still blogging?

Have you ever read about video-narration and archaeology? There are some publications but few archaeologists are really interested in it. For this reason I started and I’m still blogging. Writing in a blog about this topic helps me to find my place, a point of view from which I can see archaeology.

Even if some people could think it’s an exaggeration, writing a blog post about a specific video it means some hours of work for me. After a lot of post, I need less hour for collecting information than before but now I’m more focused on the quality of my thoughts. Finding time to write is not always possible and the question “Why am I still blogging” increases in importance also in the sense of “for what purpose I blog”. Until now I’ve never thought about it but my answer can be “I do it because I like writing without having a real perspective”.

To tell the truth, recently a perspective has been formed. Less than a month ago I was invited at “Archeoblog“, the first Italian meeting of bloggers in archaeology, organized at Paestum inside the 16th edition of the “Borsa mediterranea del turismo archeologico” (a well-known Italian exhibition of the archaeological tourism). At the meeting every blogger talked about their experience and, from all the voices, it came out the necessity of a better (more creative, high quality, diversified etc.) communication of archaeology in Italy and, as archeo-bloggers, we can contribute, maybe together as a community of blogs. This could become a more organized, concrete perspective for saying why I’m still blogging.


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5 risposte a “Blogging Archaeology #1: why blogging?”

  1. Cinzia Dal Maso dice :

    Great post, Francesco! Insightful and straightforward thoughts from an interesting perspective. And a good way to publicize the Archeoblog spirit. Thank you. Well done!


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