Blogging archaeology #2: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


After the first questions of November, Doug’s blogging carnival is going on. Just few days passed Christmas, I’m still on time to focus on the December questions. The good, the bad and the ugly of blogging archaeology.

The Good – Your blog is the home of your thoughts and a window of your activities. For me blogging is the only moment of my archaeological life in which I spend time thinking about what I do. This affects strongly the topics I write about, the kind of genre I use (dialogue, a review etc.) and their particular emphasis. When I write a post that comes directly from my thoughts is often difficult to keep under control all these characteristics. But this is good because it means I’m writing a genuine post, where ideas and critics you want people to know flow without any censorship.

From the point of view of a window of your activities, blogging provides you the space you need to tell the history you research for, or to tell your personal story, or to tell the story of a specific finding. It’s up to you what to write about but the Good is having a space where to show your archaeology. It’s not a case that many blogs have named after its authors (i.e. Kinkella’s Archaeology, Stuart Dunn’s Blog).

The Bad – Talking to brick wall is the worst sensation you can feel, without  any doubt. But it’s part of the blogger life. When you think “This post it’s great, I will have many comments”, probably you won’t find any feedback. For me it’s a sort of game, things happen when you don’t expect them.

Another side of the Bad is that of the blogger. It happens that your egotism rises after publishing a post. “What an amazing post!”. You feel that what you’ve just written, the words you’ve chosen so carefully are the only perfect ones for that topic. On the contrary there is always another blogger that has just written about your topic in an innovative way and you risk getting depressed. But, in the end, blog is the only perfect place where to know different points of view and to develop interesting debates with other archaeologists from all over the world.

The Ugly – The ugly of blogging, my worst experience is still to come. So far my words haven’t made a mess. Sometime I think in which way my ugly experience will arrive, probably I will notice it only when the disaster will have happened. On the contrary creating digital accident can be a way to have visibility, but I prefer not to try this strategy.


Come on Italian bloggers, take part in this carnival, you don’t need to write a post every month, just answer the questions you like more.


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