After Vignale: editing videos and videos…

A week after the end of the Vignale 2012 excavation season it’s time to think about what I recorded in the site.

Although I had some logistic problems in the first weeks of work, I’ve managed to shoot what I had planned before the excavation. As the last year, I tried to recorded videos for three, different scopes:

  • communication of the fieldwork activities;
  • a narrative about our main themes of research in a docudrama;
  • a new video-narrative experiment.

Recording videos needs a large amount of time and editing them even more. So, once come back home, I had to plan which video edit first. This depends on many things but this year I began with the first footage. It’s a video about what we did on the fieldwork (as those of 2011), I can’t publish it next year!

The docudrama can wait because it needs an extra work. This year I’m trying to put together docudrama and 3D reconstruction and I’m going to spend a lot of time on this.

The video-narrative experiment needs an extra-work too, but I’m going to show it at TAG 2012 in Liverpool next December, so I have to begin to work on it as soon as possible. For this video I took photos in order to create a time-lapse. Alessandro, the archaeologist who was under my camera, at the beginning was quite astonished about what I was doing but, all in all, he trusted me and went on his work as if I wasn’t above him.

Recording videos in Vignale

After planning my video-work for the weeks until Christmas, it’s time to keep on editing the first video. Mirko, Nadia and Martina are waiting to see themselves on the screen.


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