Blogging Archaeology #3: What are your best post(s) and why?

The third question of Doug’s blogging carnival seems banal: “What are your best (or if you want your worst) post(s) and why?” But it isn’t so. It forces me to think about the kind of post I publish, if I’m really satisfied about what and how I write reading again one or two of my post. blogging-archaeology In general the fact that I like or not a post it depends directly on the way I wrote it. If I have difficulties in finding the words and in writing my thoughts, probably the post it won’t be good, whatever genre of writing I use (article, dialogue, personal thoughs…). Most of the time, it’s hard for me to keep order in my thoughts and to write a critical and argumentative post from a personal experience. I want to write so many things that I lost the way. For this reason my personal best post is Aprire un blog di museo: inganno o speranza? In this post of March 2013 I wrote about my ongoing experience of blogger at Museo Archeologico delle Marche. Writing that post it was a way to think about what I was doing and the positive and negative consequences of creating a blog for the museum. I think it’s my best post because I wrote about the topic from an original point of view, that of a museum trainee. I had some doubts (that I still have now) and I managed to explain them in a clear and involving way. It’s the post with the highest number of comments, and this is a more significant stats than the number of visitors because in this case I were looking for some interaction. I also managed to write the post in a less amount of time and in a better style than the others probably because I was thinking about it for some weeks and because I was very motivated.

L'accampamento longobardo

Reading again my most popular post, Due giorni da Longobardi a Cividale, I find that effectively is the best one written for a major audience. I wrote about a new and involving event, 568 AD, the first reenactment about Lombard in Cividale del Friuli and I described my personal experience there with soldiers and smiths of the 6-7th century AD. Simple sentences and many photos that help the words. For those reasons I think it’s my most popular post but I prefer the first one because it’s more in the spirit of this blog and of the blogger! I don’t want to write brief and superficial description of an event. When I wrote about the reenactment, I wrote in a hurry and I didn’t think so much about what I was writing… Maybe a next, possible question for this blogging carnival could be if for a great post it’s better to write fastly rather than to stop every word and thinking.




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