Some thoughts after the end of the shootings

“Very proud of you guys!!!”

This is what I said to Marco and Samuele, the two main characters of the just-finished filmed docudrama. They were so much in the part that they didn’t want to undress their clothes, they wanted to be still Hilarus and Polibius, the two slaves who look for the cistern. A bit of tiredness on their faces, but also a veil of sadness: the shootings have concluded.

Hilarus e Polibio

Hilarus e Polibio

Not all the children has been involved in their own parts as Marco and Samuele, but I think the major part of them really like this new activity I proposed them almost three months ago. Everyone took part in it as it preferred (journalist, interviewer, actor etc.) and contributed as it could (some suggestion, some help for the set etc.).

Unlike the docudramas I recorded in Vignale, I had more time for organizing it and this has been immediately evident for me after a first glance at the shots. This time I managed to choose the clothes (thanks to a local parish that organize every Christmas a representation of the crèche) and the set for some scenes (two noisy sheeps give a sensation of realism to one of these) more accurately.

As an amateur director, I think I did a good job this time, maybe better than the other docudramas. I used my Canon EOS 500-D for the first time as a video camera and a new tripod, more stable than the others. I can choose where to film, so I found some places without any traces of the XXIth century but only fields of grain and unmade road (that could be dated Ist century AD). Only after finishing the editing I’ll have a confirm about this. There is always the danger of some hidden live wire somewhere!

Campi di grano

Campi di grano

Going on with the editing part, I will find something other to write here. So far, I cut some shots and found some funny clips for the backstage. Children are very funny! Stay tuned!


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