Recording video with children in a classroom and on the road

Finally I started filming the video.

This morning a crowded and enthusiastic class assisted me in shooting the first part of the footage on the Falconara Roman cistern. Even if only 11 year-old children and her teacher were in the classroom, they were very helpful. Some of them were perfect set assistants and others took care of the make-up of the actresses. During the recording no one made noise and I did a good work.

I decided to film inside a classroom because it was perfect for the newcast part. With the Chroma-Key sheet in the background on the blackboard and the teacher’s desk in front of it, the set was quickly ready. The two journalists, Martina & Martina, acted their parts one after the other with quite different styles:  the first one was more expressive but imprecise, the second one more professional but also quite flat in the tone.

In the classroom

In the classroom

After that I brought with me the three interviewers I had chosen during the casting and we went to the Falconara street market. These brave children asked the people for the cistern. “Do you know something about the Roman cistern?” “Where is it located” “How do you know of its existence?” The results of these interviews are top secret at the moment. Alessandro, Daniel and Camilla were very motivated and indomitable interviewers while the people they asked for seemed not very interested in our work.

On Saturday, with other children,  I’m going to the site of the cistern. It’s not docudrama-time yet, I have to film the rest of the newcast part, with a journalist and her special guests. Of course, I can’t say who these special guests are. Wait for the launch of the docudrama! In the meanwhile stay tuned!


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