Children, cisterns and docudrama

The work on the new docudrama about the Roman cistern of Falconara goes on. Today it’s an important day for the children who are going to act. My mother (that teaches history to these children) and I assigned the parts.

In the last days I began to write the script, so it’s time to decide the roles. It’s the first time I work with a class of children, I used to choose archaeologists who I know quite well. I can propose some roles because I know them. On the contrary, I didn’t know and I don’t know at present these children. I saw them only three-four times just for some lessons about archaeology and cisterns in general. For this reason my mother’s help was fundamental in order to assigned each role appropriately.

Working with children it can be a double-face experience. You can be overcome with their enthusiasm or screams but, on the other side, you can be carried away by them. All in all, casting  wasn’t the simplest moment for this docudrama so far. The major part of the children rose their hands, they proposed a number of roles for themselves or they wanted to change some parts of the fiction. Some of them were satisfied by our proposals and gave me some useful suggestions. Others were hesitant, they didn’t know if they want to act or to help off-stage.

In the next days they will confirm or not their parts and maybe in a week I’ll manage to begin the shootings.

Marco is a perfect lazy slave while Martina is a professional journalist… Just two names (the only ones I remember at moment) of the 42 children who are going to take part in this docudrama.

Working with children is better.


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