Ideas in progress for a new docudrama

After two months of silence, some news about my video-archaeological activity. Far from being frustrated by this quite passive stay in Marche, since January I’ve been managing to organize a new docudrama. Slowly.

This time I want to draw  the attention on a Roman cistern located near a little town, Falconara, that is mostly known for an oil refinery than for anything else. Neither ongoing excavation nor other archaeological research, so no time restrictions and no archaeologists as actors… With no budget, the only ones who can help me in this case were some children and, with my mum’s help, I found two enthusiast eleven-years-old classes.

Il poco che è possibile vedere della cisterna di Falconara

This morning I went to the school in order to tell the young students something about this cistern and cisterns in general. As usual, children have the power of being enthusiast of (almost) everything. No one complained about the hard work of extrapolating the information we needed from the main sources but all of them raised their hands at least once to ask something. I think they have understood how the cistern was built and how it worked and I hope, from now until the end of the experiment, they will manage to understand the importance of preserving and communicating their cultural heritage.

The next step with them will be the choice of the roles  for the two parts in which this footage will be structured: a sort of newscast and a re-enactment set near the ancient cistern. I’m going to write the script in the next days: the children gave me some advice but write it all together would be impossible.

Before that I must write a sort of project that the Superintendency asks for using the area of the cistern; this will take a lot because it’s the first time I’m doing it. Knowing the Italian bureaucracy, it’s sure that there will be some complications… But I’m very motivated in succeeding in this work, so stay tuned!


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