Vignale… for archaeologists!

After more or less three months of inactivity this blog comes back to life. I was very busy in the last months because I was working for my degree. Finally, I graduated at the beginning of July and, immediately, the day after I went to Crete for the excavation at the Byzantine district of Gortyn.

I want to write down just a few words on my thesis: I tried to insert in a footage the explanation of the Roman site of Vignale towards a public of archaeologists inside a narrative framework. The results of this effort are six brief videos in which a young archaeologist, who is going to take part in the excavation in Vignale, asks the professor for an explanation of the site and his most important research themes. Then the archaeologist meets some of the professor’s colleagues, who give him a specific explanation of the topography, the chronology and the main problems of the site.

The point I want to achieve is to record a video for archaeologists following the most recent theories about communication and communication of archaeology: so I tried to enhance multivocality, reflexivity and interaction recording  a series of dialogues with the help of the colleagues of mine, who perform quite well as actors.

The young archaeologist asks questions (more or less inherent), gives suggestions (more or less right), demands advises for the next excavation (more or less serious)… It’s not a top-bottom explanation but a realistic dialogue between two (or more) archaeologists. For these reasons, the setting is the Meta3Lab of the Department of Archaeology and History of Art of the University of Siena, the real place where such a discussion could take place.

These videos are available at , for the moment only in Italian.


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3 risposte a “Vignale… for archaeologists!”

  1. Stefano Costa dice :

    (disclaimer: I’m one of the actors)

    The videos look good. I think they would be better if there was a short 5-seconds screen with the project logo and some explanation of their general context, because not everyone will find them starting from this blog.
    And it’s a shame that my own camera didn’t work properly so to have two points of view for dialogues…

    • archcioschi dice :

      I agree with you about the 5 seconds screen with the logo but I’ve just uploaded 3 videos in July without it so, for the moment, I prefer to have the same schema for all the videos. And what about the fact that YouTube doesn’t permit the uploading of a new version of the same footage? It’s a big problem, I would lose all the stats and comments about the previous version.

      I have to study how to write and where to insert the short explanation but, all in all, it’s a good idea!!


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